£280 for 1ml
£200 for 2nd ml in same appointment/treatment

Cheek volume 

Volume loss in the cheeks is common with age. This can result in sunken cheeks, deep lines in lower face and sometimes jowls under the jaw. All this can make the face look aged. Replacing the volume back into the cheeks corrects the triangle of youth and improves contours across the whole face.

Nasolabial and marionette lines

The lines that form from the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial lines) and the lines from the corners of the mouth towards the chin (marionette lines) can make the lower face look aged and give the whole face a downward expression. In deciding the correct treatment for these lines Dr Hayley will carry out a holistic assessment of your face to identify the problem. In some cases volume loss in the mid face (cheeks) is responsible and we may recommend a treatment course involving cheek volume. Dr Hayley will always discuss all options and expected results when recommending the correct procedure for you.

Tear trough filler £330

Tear trough treatment is treating the under eye area; correcting sunken eyes and dark circles under the eyes. A special dermal filler is used which replaces any volume loss under the eyes so they look less tried and sunken.

The Hyaluronic acid in the dermal filler supports the skin and structures around the eyes smoothing out the area and refreshing the skin.
Tear trough treatment isn’t the correct procedure for everyone; a consultation prior to treatment is always carried out to fully assess the face.

All of the dermal fillers that Dr Hayley chooses to use contain Hyaluronic acid. This natural substance found in the skin absorbs water, it is very hydrating and helps to redefine the skins structure.

Dr Hayley offers numbing cream and all fillers contain local anesthetic limiting any pain from the procedure. Results are seen immediately and last around 6 – 12 months.

Dr Hayley offers FREE aesthetic consultations to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have before undergoing treatment.


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