Have you got a k:SPA TreatCard on your keys?!


What is a TreatCard?

It is our brand new and exciting loyalty programme. You get points each time you have a treatment or buy a product and those points build up and can be redeemed for “Treats”. The “Treats” available consist of FREE treatments and products, the more points that you collect the more “Treats” become available to you.

How do I get my TreatCard?

Simple! After your third visit with us you will automatically be issued with your k:SPA TreatCard.  If for some reason you don’t get given one just ask. Don’t worry though all of the points from your first two visits will be added to your card, we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

How do I get points?

You can build up points in several ways; some of which don’t even involve spending money!

*You earn 1 point for every pound spent on treatments
*You earn 2 points for every pound spent on products
*If you re-book your next treatment before you leave you will get double points on that appointment
*If you recommend a friend and they mention your name when they come in to the salon you will get 50 points
*If you fill out a review when sent an email and post it to your Facebook, you will get 20 points
*If you post a review to your Facebook with a selfie (nails, lashes, facials etc.) you will get 30 points

PLUS we will announce more ways to gain points monthly in our newsletters!

(With regards to courses of treatments you will not accumulate points on purchase as they already contain a free treatment within them)


What do I get with my points?

You will be able to redeem your points against over 40 different treatments and some products (see the list below), the more points you build up the more choice of treatments you will have. You will not be offered a “Treat” for a treatment that you have regularly, we want you to enjoy something you might not normally think of! Your ‘Treats’ can only be taken alongside a regular payable treatment.

Why is it better than the loyalty card?

There is a wider variety of treatments (over 40)
There is no expiry date, so you can keep building up your points
There are no more pieces of card overloading your purse/wallet
There are several ways to gain points, not just one

What happens to my loyalty card?

Although we are no longer using loyalty cards you will NOT lose your points!
Just bring your loyalty card(s) along to your next appointment and we will transfer your points on to the new TreatCard system (as long as they are still valid, please check the date on the back of your card).