Yes the Treats are changing and it is very exciting!  Most of our clients are building up lots of points and either they don’t have time or we don’t have time to fit them in, which we understand gets frustrating for you!

What we want is for you to be able to experience your Treats regularly. We’ve come up with lots of new Treats which are all the same value, so no need to save or allow points to build up.

The new system will have a large selection of 10min Treats which can be added on to appointments, such as a hand & arm massage (great to add to a facial or gel nails) scalp massage (add to your back massage or facial) and many more. Plus we will also have the Dermalogica Skin Solvers (10min Facial Fixes) and even Dermalogica Travel Size Products included too!

This means you have the choice of a treatment add-on OR a travel size product each time you reach 200 points, lots of Treats for you to enjoy more often!

The new system will be introduced on 1st November but you have until 30th November to get your points down to 200.

We are very excited about the new Treats and are positive you will love the new system too! To find out how many points you have and to book your rewards please speak with reception.